Step 8 follow-up

Step 8

It is important to have a plan for a follow-up, to ensure a lasting effect. Many well-intentioned project initiators end up confusing, if not even reversing, the gains they made, due to their lack of a proper ‘sustainability’ plan.

Step 7 presentation

Step 7

The venues, securing necessary permits, and hiring a stage and/or sound/lighting equipment) and not to leave anything to the last minute. It is important for the project team to develop a checklist to guide the participants in preparing and carrying out the presentation.

Step 6 Developing a statement and a performance

Step 6

The presentation is the climax of the ‘Cre8 in 8’ process. The presentation takes the form of a performance or sometimes with a visual-arts exhibition (including photography and film), an open discussion and workshop.

Step 5

‘Art is development. Art, in all its forms: music, dance, drama, painting, etc., is a magnification of life: an extension and representation of how we live that mirrors our hopes, anxieties and dreams.

Step 4

During the introduction, the skills facilitators introduce their particular skills (acrobatics, drama, dance, etc.) in a creative way that the participants will perceive as stimulating and inspiring and that is never threatening or intimidating.

Step 3 building a group

Step 3

Team building is a dynamic and ongoing process without which the quality of the final result could be compromised.

Step 2

Mobilising participants Mobilisation involves identifying and bringing together project participants based on the decisions you made in Step 1. If you are …

Step 1 project box

Step 1

Step 1 is the base of the project and provides an opportunity for the project initiator to discuss ideas with all stakeholders. This step is like filling an idea box: everyone should welcome all project box ideas with an open mind.

Full program

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