Step 5

Developmental awareness

The ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method is a capacity-building process that includes artistic skills training and personal development. It is often said that an artist holds a mirror up to society. If that is so, then the artist must be aware of the issues that affect his or her society: social, political, economical and cultural.

Step 5 Developmental (issue related) awarenessStep 5 of the ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method provides a guideline for organising that capacity-building process by engaging the target group and the larger community through so-called focus group discussions (FGDs).

Content and guidelines

  1. Develop a focus-group questionnaire (also known as an FGD flow; see the example below).
  2. Appoint a moderator (usually someone from the project team) and a note taker (usually one of the participants; make sure they are well briefed).
  3. Gather the focus group together and make sure everyone is comfortable. It is recommended to have everyone sit in a circle.
  4. Conduct a focus-group discussion.
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