Step 6

Development of the presentation

The presentation is the climax of the ‘Cre8 in 8’ process. The presentation takes the form of a performance or sometimes with a visual-arts exhibition (including photography and film), an open discussion and workshop.

It is through the presentation that the process and statement are celebrated and shared. This
provides access to the project for the community or audience. The choice of presentationStep 6 Developing a statement and a performanceconcept and strategy is important. A participatory and interdisciplinary format is strongly recommended. It will help in combining as many artistic expressions and talents as possible at the same time, providing both the participants and their audience with a platform to share and exchange experiences and ideas in relation to the subject of the project.

Content and guidelines

  1. Self-esteem and confidence
  2. Specific artistic skills
  3. Developmental awareness
  4. Developing an outline for a performance
  5. Intensive rehearsals
  6. Costumes, sound/light equipment, décor, PR materials
  7. The technical run-through
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