Step 8

Follow-up and sustainability

It is important to have a plan for a follow-up, to ensure a lasting effect. Many well-intentioned Step 8 follow-upproject initiators end up confusing, if not even reversing, the gains they made, due to their lack of a proper ‘sustainability’ plan. In this context, sustainability does not mean that you will continue being involved with the participants on a daily basis after the project, but rather that the initial gains and impacts realised by the project on different levels will be sustained.

Content and guidelines

In terms of sustainability it is important that:

  1. The skills learnt and the capacity to transfer them will remain within the community
    through the training of trainers (ToT)
  2. The project becomes partnered with local stakeholders who have the capacity to integrate the method within their regular programming
  3. A sustainability plan or strategy is developed that includes the wishes and the circumstances of participants at the core of its implementation
  4. This sustainability plan is both realistic and within the means and capabilities of the participants, local partners and the community.

A good sustainability plan is part of the project plan, and the initiator should make sure that all partners are well briefed in that regard.

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