About us

Cre8 East Africa Foundation and its partner Yaden, together with local organisations, realise music theater performances with children and youths in which their own live stories are at the center. In addition, Cre8 trains young leaders of youth groups in the use of the Cre8 in 8 method, where they learn to set up a project from idea to evaluation and follow-up. Cre8 works with participants from vulnerable communities and strives to positively impact their situation in a sustainable way.

Stories from everyday life

Children and youths are accessible through school and local cultural organizations. In our work we always partner with these organizations. The personal stories of the participants is the material for the musical theater performance and its message is determined by the participants themselves. Stories and themes from their life, such as: poverty, domestic violence, crime, living on the street, being a refugee or a victim of war.

Learning to express yourself

In workshops drama, dance, music, singing, rap, acrobatics, video and photography, participants face their situation and then together try and find solutions. For Cre8 it is essential that participants are able to express themselves, to cooperate with others in creating a great show. As a result, this builds self-esteem and gains the appreciation of the community around them. A performance made through our 8 step approach reaches out to an audience that includes family, friends, community members as well as policymakers. That way they also get involved in finding solutions and alternatives.

Fostering and developing talent

Our partner Yaden offers talented young people the opportunity to further develop talents and skills. The ultimate goal is that they can earn a livelihood through performing and teaching. Through the YADEN network, young people find their way and organize theater and dance classes and workshops for local organisations and schools. Sometimes, with the help of a sponsor, they start a study or course. All of this requires knowledge, experience and self-confidence. Cre8 East Africa builds self-confidence through offering them a successful first experience and, through Yaden, offers them an extensive network.

Our mission

Cre8 East Africa organises art education projects with children and young people in East Africa and the Netherlands. In doing so we take into consideration the needs, challenges and possibilities of the communities we work with. Cre8’s projects are transferable, and sustainable. They lead to lasting results and are available for third parties to be used as they see fit.

Cre8 in 8

Cre8 enables those who participate in our projects to exchange knowledge, experience, ideas and inspiration with colleagues from other disciplines and cultures. We want to support and encourage participants to apply the acquired experience elsewhere. For example through documenting the projects so that the experience can be passed on to others. We have also described our methodology under the title Cre8 in 8 and published it on our website and on paper. Furthermore, we offer a Cre8 in 8 training.

Lasting results

Cre8 strives to enable participants to continue working independently after the project. By setting up projects themselves or providing lessons and workshops for third parties.


Cre8 East Africa’s work depends on the unpaid contribution of its volunteers and fundraising. Cre8 East Africa’s work is supported by various funds, private donations and sponsors. The annual financial reports can be found under downloads.