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The ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method is based on five principles:

  1. Fostering inclusivity and participation
  2. Identifying and developing talent
  3. Promoting sharing and exchange
  4. Showing appreciation and respect for children and young people
  5. Encouraging individual and collective voices to speak out

Art, in all its forms, is a magnification of life: an extension and representation of how we live that mirrors our hopes, anxieties and dreams. It was with this in mind that the eight interlocking steps of ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method were developed. The effective realisation of one step will ensure the success of the next one. The method’s success is highly dependent on a variety of factors.

The eight steps in the ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method are:

  1. Preparing and set up
  2. Mobilising participants
  3. Building a group
  4. Exploring and discovering artistic expression
  5. Developing awareness of issues
  6. Developing a statement and a performance
  7. Giving the performance
  8. Planning a follow-up to ensure lasting results

This method aims to assist youth groups, community organisations or individuals to set up their own projects. The ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method also encourages the sourcing of materials and volunteer work from within the community, rather than relying solely on external funding.

In the next chapters you can follow the ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method: Step by step.

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