Cre8 East Africa was founded in 2006 by Ben Hekkema. The organisation consists of a group of enthusiastic volunteers. They are experts in the field of art education with in-depth knowledge of the East Africa region.

Employees and financial compensation policy

The board of Cre8 East Africa consists of Theo van Adrichem (chairman), Janneke Tigchelaar (treasurer) and Raoul Nolen (secretary). They receive no financial compensation for their work other than for travel and other expenses.

Ben Hekkema is team- and project coordinator, fundraiser and trainer. He receives no financial compensation apart from travel- and other expenses.

Carina van Roekel (Uganda) and Enneke Weggen are responsible for Cre8’s communication (website, social media, etc.). Gerrit Alink is in charge of design of our printwork. Neither of them receives financial compensation other than travel and other expenses.

Dina Abok (Kenya), Harrison Okwach (Kenya) and Sami Gathii (Kenya) are associated with Cre8 East Africa as teachers and trainers. In addition to travel- and other expenses they receive allowances based on local (Kenyan) tariffs.