About Cre8 East Africa Foundation

Cre8 East Africa is an Amsterdam-based foundation that aims to create music theatre performances in East Africa with youth groups on themes that are important to them. Starting points are the questions and needs of the youth and the people around them.

Cre8’s projects are transferable and sustainable. They lead to lasting results and are available for third parties to be used as they see fit.


Goals are to give young people self-confidence, develop their talents and strengthen their position in society. Cre8 strives to enable participants to continue working independently after the project. By setting up projects themselves or providing lessons and workshops for third parties. Our ultimate goal is that they can earn a livelihood through performing and teaching.

Target audience

We work with participants from the most vulnerable population groups in East Africa. For example (former) street children, children and young people from poor families, orphans, refugees and children from orphaned child families.


The topics covered by the projects are issues they are confronted with in their daily lives, for example poverty, discrimination, addiction, domestic or sexual violence, teenage pregnancy, crime, surviving as a street child or refugee.

Discovering and developing talents

These young people live in a vicious circle of no money is no education, no work is no money. With our projects we give them ways to step out of this circle. For Cre8 it is essential that participants are able to express themselves, to cooperate with others in creating a great show.

Education = Key to life

In workshops drama, dance, music, singing, rap, acrobatics, video and photography, participants face their situation and then together they try and find solutions. We help them with discovering and developing talents and competences. Not only artistically, but also in the field of organising, leadership, public relations etc.

Cre8 in 8

Together with Yaden, we have described our methodology under the title Cre8 in 8. Furthermore, we offer a Cre8 in 8 training.


Our work depends on the unpaid contribution of its volunteers and fundraising. Cre8 East Africa’s work is supported by various funds, private donations and sponsors. The annual financial reports can be found under plans & reports.