‘Cre8 in 8’ Method

Together with our partner Yaden, we developed our own methodology under the title ‘Cre8 in 8’. It describes how a Cre8 project comes about by means of 8 steps. We published the method in of 2016. In addition, Cre8 trains young leaders of youth groups in the use of the Cre8 in 8 method.

A performance made through our 8 step approach reaches out to an audience that includes family, friends, community members as well as policymakers. That way they also get involved in finding solutions and alternatives.

The ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method is based on five principles. The method was developed with the representative aspects of art in mind.

Development of the Cre8 in 8 Method

Art, in all its forms, is a magnification of life: an extension and representation of how we live that mirrors our hopes, anxieties and dreams. It was with this in mind that the 8 interlocking steps of the method were developed. The effective realisation of one step will ensure the success of the next one.

The eight steps in the ‘Cre8 in 8’ Method are:

  1. Preparation and set up
  2. Mobilizing participants
  3. Building a group
  4. Artistic exploration and discovery
  5. Developmental (issue related) awareness
  6. Development of the presentation
  7. Presentation
  8. Follow-up and Sustainability

Download the full program and you are able to follow the method step by step.

Download Program Book

Method explained in a video

East Africans that have participated in the programm explain the method in their own words. How it works and can be applied by others. Click play to watch the trailer: